Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hey all, welcome to my "sketch-blog", or "skablotch" as I will hitherto refer to it. After much himming and hawing I have invested the five minutes it takes to create a blogr [sic] account, which I hope to update with ambitious regularity.

My goal: five sketches of various complexity every dang week! Can this even be done? Will science allow this? Only time will tell.

My tools: four fingers, a thumb, the flat, wide bit that connects them and comedic sensibilities that approach that of a fifth grader.

For this challenge I'll mostly be posting brief sketches, but this bloskegtch will also house work-in-progress illustrations and design work and probably some very insightful musings. Pretty-friggin'-great, huh?

To get the ball running, here are two guys who probably shouldn't hang out.


  1. Ha-ha! Butler, you've done it again! Comedy and art at the same time. I do hope you keep regular with this. - Spence

  2. I'm h-core reminded of justin long and that poor pc guy no one knows the name of.
    - kristen