Monday, August 31, 2009

Maybe Michael Meyers wouldn't have hated on that skinny dude from True Lies so hard if his parents had doled out a little extra scratch for a namebrand costume. Even during a time when a cheap plastic mask and a rubber smock with "Superman" written across the front was considered to be an acceptably superheroic simulacra this Powder-if-he-was-a-janitor costume doesn't really set the imagination aflame.

Man, I love me some iconic horror movie villians. Freddy Kruger is such a bizarre combination of disparate motifs, but damnit, it works somehow. Jaunty chapeau? Check. Itchy wool pull-over? Check. Melt-face? Check. Knife fingers, made someone redundant by the fact that he has complete dominion over people's dreams? Checkmate.

I think Aaron Eckhart looks like a muppet. I drew him doing a muppetty dance.

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